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Bracelet 107

Where did the idea of creating the 107 bracelet come from?

In history, we rely above all on 25 years of know-how in the manufacture of springs for high-tech industries.

It was during a meeting between 3 enthusiasts that the idea was born to create luxury jewelry accessible to all from springs. The innovation of the bracelet without clasp was born after 3 years of continuous test-improvements with the desire to bring a new product to the market.

With the creation of the brand
ReTOR we want to bring people together around common values inspired by sport, entrepreneurship and responsible fashion.

Our key words: Sport-Chic, Ambition, Performance.

The goal is to move forward together so that our products can support your daily life in achieving your wildest ambitions.

Join our team, become

bracelet sans fermoir
formule 1

Why the name 107?
"A nod to F1"


In the summer of 1995, a new rule was proposed by the Formula 1 commission: 107%.

An F1 Grand Prix is the pinnacle of motorsport and world famous. It welcomes the best pilots in the world competing for the best time, ready to break records to write the legend.

The purpose of the 107% rule is to establish a performance level by qualifying only the drivers who have achieved the best times in the qualification phase.

Qualify now, become ReTOR.

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