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The bracelet born in Lyon

The 107 : an innovation, a character, a feeling.

A bracelet born in the city of lights, silk weaving and gastronomy. One of those cities where you get ready to walk around because its streets are like an open-air museum.

The districts of the peninsula are full of art galleries, jewellery shops, monuments and luxury boutiques, and the cafés that surround them seem to be appreciated only if you are prepared to sit in them.

Lyon is a little Paris in which you cannot go out without running into at least one familiar face. Yet you can still feel the countryside bordering the city, and the motorway that runs through it sounds like a constant call of the tarmac and its sensations.

It is with these inspirations that the Retor bracelets were born.

The 107 bracelet symbolize a state of mind, an ever-increasing ambition and the desire to go further and further, to surpass oneself in order to bring one's dreams into reality.

It is a bracelet that is worn to be seen while remaining sober. To be original while remaining luxurious. It is this spirit that can be found in the restaurants, in the streets and in the most famous places in Lyon.

The 107 is also a bracelet that can be felt, through the addictive sensation of the light and pleasant mechanics offered to you by the very high precision spring that surrounds your wrist.

It is a formidable masterpiece of some of the world's most sophisticated technology in its field. Crafted from high-purity stainless steel and assembled by hand, it is the bracelet that has been designed to symbolize your attachment to luxury coupled with performance, to elegance supported by technology, to novelty married to authenticity.

The science of a bracelet is not just about aesthetics, it's also about experience. The 107 was designed differently from other bracelets because it was designed in response to the problems we were having with the ones we were wearing.

The main problem with a bracelet is the life expectancy of the clasp. When the clasp breaks, it is always in the most unfortunate moments and if you don't lose the bracelet at the time, replacing the clasp is not an easy task.

That's why we've created a clasp-less bracelet, a novel, ingenious and innovative design in the field of springs that allows you to put it on your wrist instantly while completely preventing it from falling off your hand, either by coming off or slipping on.

As an avid sportsman, motorbike rider and hiker, it was finally important to us that the bracelet was strong enough to withstand snags while being flexible enough to not risk injury during your escapades and thrill-seeking sessions.

Its stretching power, which you won't find on any other metal bracelet, is cleverly designed to withstand all the everyday handling without deforming, while still having the flexibility that is essential for your safety in the event of a violent pulling force.


Symbolize your state of mind.

Start your adventure.

Become Retor now.


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