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bracelet sans fermoir

Become RetOR today

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Haut de pge
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at the service of your ambition

It is in our manufacturing workshop in Lyon that our passion for beautiful objects gave birth to the 1st collectionDevious.

The spring of the 107 bracelet is a high-performance part designed with the highest purity stainless steel used in high-tech fields. 

For a perfect finish to your bracelet, it is assembled by hand from a gold hexagon coated with the authentic manufacturer's hallmark.


For a style
Sporty & Chic

Who suits you

We want to provide emotions through our products by immersing you in a universe filled with thrills.


The winding of the spirals and the beauty of the material sublimate the people who go beyond their limits every day.

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To provide solutions

The innovation of the bracelet without clasp makes it possible to put on or take off the bracelet with the greatest speed on the market.

The 107 also provides superior security to standard wristbands, through its ability to deform under strong pressure.

In your daily life

Share the ReTOR spirit and count on the comfort and remarkable durability of the 107 bracelet to accompany your daily life.

Your bracelet is light enough to meet the most delicate requirements and thus become one with its owner.

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Why the name 107?
"A nod to F1"


In the summer of 1995, a new rule was proposed by the Formula 1 commission: 107%.

An F1 Grand Prix is the pinnacle of motorsport and world famous. It welcomes the best pilots in the world competing for the best time, ready to break records to write the legend.

The purpose of the 107% rule is to establish a performance level by qualifying only the drivers who have achieved the best times in the qualification phase.

Qualify now, become ReTOR.

"Handmade in our workshop in Lyon"

The research and development of the first bracelet without a spring clasp required 3 years of work. Indeed, it was necessary to adapt an industrial product with multiple mechanical capacities to make it a luxury jewel. We want to shake up the codes and offer an innovative, unique bracelet, assembled with passion in our workshop in Lyon.

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